Access control going online

Nowadays, access control is going online, it will simplifying installations, improving flexibility and reducing costs.

“IP-based access control is now being included in the planning of new sites. This is an important indicator that access control is not being viewed as a separate system, but a more integral part of the enterprise environment."

An access control reader that connects directly to an IT network with a single Cat-5 cable. It also eliminates the expensive, bulky intelligent controller that conventional systems require to be installed in equipment closets.

Power is also more convenient in the new wave of IP access control devices. Generally, network access control equipment draws power through Cat-5 Internet cable connections through a feature dubbed PoE or Power-over-Ethernet. Hence some IP access control devices do not require separate power supplies.

With the enhancement of latest software application that  user may manage individual doors by visiting their Internet addresses with a browser. By connecting IP access control system to the site network,  user can access control data through the network and onto the Internet.

IP access control eliminates off costs for cabling and labor for operational convenience of being able to manage doors, readers and cards from any computer connected to the Internet.

Friday, September 3rd, 2010 Q&A