FALCO ACCESS System Controller (TC/TIP)

True Network Access Control Solutions At Your Fingertips.

The Falco IP System is a premier integrated security management system for your corporate security needs in small tolarge enterprises. Its simplicity and intuitive graphical user interface combine together make Falco IP System advance and powerful – yet easiest to use – integrated security management system.
Falco IP System is an Integrated Security Management Solution for medium to large organization offers advanced access control, alarm monitoring, digital video, intrusions detection and visitor management functionality. Individual application modules are available as standalone systems or can be deployed in any combination to deliver a single, seamlessly integrated solution. It delivers important new features that streamline administration and maintenance, facilitate internationalization, enhance integration with other systems and incorporate new technologies to provide a total security solution for the customer. The integrated access control and alarm monitoring systems deliver maximum protection, simple operation and cost efficiency.
Falco IP System is the most cost effective, up-to-date, reliable, state-of-the-art Integrated Security Control Management System. The Falco IP controller allowed integration with value-added module, such as 8-input module, 8-outputmodule, LCD module and 2nd door controller controls.

  • TCP/IP ready
  • Scalability on LAN/WAN architecture.
  • Optional Global Antipassback without PC online
  • Cost effective and simple installation.
  • Advanced video integration
  • Real time alarm event monitoring integration with video image.
  • Car park control with video comparison option.
  • Pattered card searching algorithm.
We provide true network access control solutions that are:
  • Based on open standards and work with proven, industry-standard equipment
  • Fully scalable and compatible with your existing infrastructure
  • Reliable and future-proof