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Thanks for visiting our web site. If you are looking forward to purchase or buying security system for your permises. You have come to the right place. We are located at Taman Perling, in between Tampoi and Skudai, Johor Bahru ( JB ) Malaysia. The effort of putting up this site is to will bring you a complete and useful security, automation, access control and CCTV surveillance system content. You may also download the CCTV software for configuration and monitoring purpose from our DOWNLOAD webpage
With over 18 years in  security system design and installation experiences, we are passionately working on creating content about security systems resources and  we hope to have a very useful security systems resource site here eventually.Our customers are including residential, appartment, shop houses and industrial factories.
As a security system supplier, we not only supply but provide installation, maintenance, trouble shooting, service and repair Alarm System, Autogate, CCTV and Card Access System especially the residence around Horizon Hills, Nusa idaman, Nusa Jaya, Jaya Mas, Bestari, Selesa Jaya, Bukit Indah, Tanah Sutera Utama, Tampoi, Laguna, Casa Amira(Casa Almyra), Permata, Tasek, Tun Aminah, Impian Emas, Nusa Century, Taman University, Mutiara Rini, Bandar Baru Uda, Bukit Mewah, Tan Sri Yacob, Taman Harmoni, Gelang Patah, Sri Puteri, Pulai Utama, Flora, Dahlia, Cempaka, Taman Dato Onn, Larkin, Sri Tebrau, Nong Chik, Yahya Awal, Kolam Air, Taman Mohd Amin, Serene, Kim Teng Park, Stulang Laut, Kebun Teh, Nusa Bayu, Setia Eco Garden, Nusa Sentral, Perling Heights and Taman Iskandar, Ledang Height Nusajaya
Other than these, we also serve customers loacted at Skudai Baru, Senai, Kulai IOI, Setia Indah, Setia tropika, Setia Eco, Gelang Patah, SILC, Ledang Height, east Ledang, Leisure farm, Nusajaya, Nusantara, Mutiara Rini, Mutiara Emas Tebrau Industries, Adda Height, Bukit Mewah, Pasir Gudang, Mount Austin, Johor Jaya, Pelangi Indah, Molek, Permas Jaya , Megah Ria,  Redang Height, Pendorosa, Plentong, Masai, Pandan,  Rinting, Nusa Sentral, Iskandar, Medini, and Seri Alam.
Our goal here is to provide all manner of information and solution to consumers about security systems. Information such as security alarm system installation and costing. We’ll also of course offer security system manuals and interactive operation step by step about security alarm systems.
Our second major business area is supply and install Automatic Gate system for residential and industrial grade. For those who plan to install autogate system or entance barrier gate system , feel free to browse our Swing Gate or Sliding Gate system for more ideas. Sales and service for vehicle barrier gate system with good spare part, repairing and warranty support. Barrier gate can be integrated with car parking access control system or car park ticketing system. Boom barrier arm will be lifted up to grant access upon verification from control system.
We also provides (CCTV) state-of-the-art video surveillance solutions that are using the latest digital video technology for continuous, automated recording, user friendly traceable records, long hour duration records and clear images. Our cameras, digital video recorders ( Mpeg4 or  H.264 DVR System ) and ancillary equipment can integrate seamlessly with any other modular components for even greater security.
HD Security Cameras provide clear crisp 1080P resolution video that is quickly replacing old analog security camera systems. CCTV Camera World offers both 2 megapixel IP cameras and HD CVI cameras for building a high definition surveillance system.

Latest CCTV Technology 

This NVR is suitable for introducing high-definition IP surveillance solution, and it’s also the best product if you simply want to upgrade your CCTV system to IP system without re-cabling. The existing CCTV cabling could be used for IP system upgrade.

This NVR could be used as a control center to control and monitor up to 6 network cameras (1.3Mega Pixel)  (ONVIF supported) connected to this NVR locally or remotely, and also get the ability of image storage for evidentiary recording and data backup. To have the best monitoring and recording images, this NVR supports full HD image display and real-time record per channel.


Nowadays Door or Card Access Control System is more efficient and more controlled form of allowing only authorized personnel into restricted premises. Miracle Integration Sdn Bhd can meet all your access control systems needs, from a 1-door standalone to fully expanded, PC link time attendance software. We supply the latest access control systems such as FALCO TCTIP, Fingertec etc. Our access control systems and devices include pin only, proximity card, smart card and biometric finger print access system. Access Control System is specially designs with proven and reliable proximity whereby it can be switched to other modes like Standalone, PC Control, Car Park Access System, and it is upgradeable to be used in Multi-Door Network System. Biometric Fingerprint System with high quality optical sensor for employee’s attendance tracking, lateness, overtime calculation. We stock a selection of fingerprint access control devices, and RFID, HID, Mifare Access control.
Networking Soulution
We provide networking cabling & installation of Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6 & multicore voice network cabling installation.Our portfolio of data / voice / video cabling systems and installation services includes:
  • Cat 3, Cat 5E, Cat 6, or Fiber Optic (Multi or Single Modes) cabling for a single site or connecting several buildings.
  • Fiber Optic Installation (splicing and terminations)
  • Copper Cable Installation (splicing and terminations)
  • Telephone PBX Systems Design and Installation
  • VGA Media Cabling
  • Computer Network Cabling and Testing Services
  • Installations of horizontal or vertical cable distribution systems between terminal rooms and end-user areas
  • Facilities construction:
    • Terminal room construction and preparation.
    • Installation of terminal equipment, mounting racks, and associated hardware.
    • Terminal equipment (e.g., computers, hubs, routers, switches).
  • Software or hardware required to make use of cabling projects.
We also supply and maintenance of Guard Tour System.
If you are looking for intruder alarm, autogate system or surveillance equipment (cctv)  and can not find what you need on this web site please feel free to email or telephone us, Miracle Integration Sdn. Bhd. New image of company
Memasang, membaiki sistem kawalan dan keselamatan, pintu automatik untuk rumah, kilang atau kedai di seluruh kawasan Johor Baru
If you system spoilt or malfunction, don’t panic. We provide repair, maintenance and services
Automatic Gate System:RADION SWING GATE Model M1 & M2 , RADION SLIDING GATE SYSTEM Model E750, E1 & V8, RADION BARRIER GATE SYSTEMStraight Boom Series BG1, BG3, BG6, Aprigate,  DEA Wing 302, Sliding Gate DEA, LIVI 400, Gulliver 1500, CELMER model Model GR6 & GR6DC, CASALI, VALET, MAC SLIDING MOTOR, GR6 & GR6DC-24V, Exen MZ1-1HP-220V, Le’tron L6600 HD&L8000 DC, L5000 & L5500 HD, MZ2-1HP-220V, G-Force BG 600, ECO Series- Piston Style Linear Actuator, OSK model – 533, JackPro Model J9, J8, J4, BM6, EZ1, E signal, NEG barrier,  Genius Sliding EURO SLIDER, MILORD 5C KIT, MILORD 8C KIT, MILORD 3624 KIT, FALCON 5 KIT, FALCON 14 KIT, FALCON 20 KIT, FALCON 20 KIT3Ph, Gibidi Sliding PASS 12, PASS 600, PASS 800, PASS 800/24, PASS 2500/380, MEKA SL420, AC Sliding SL-1800 KIT, SL-2200 KIT, SL-2500 KIT, SL-3000 KIT, SL-5000 KIT, SL-5500 KIT, SL-6000 KIT, SL-6000M KIT, CAM-1, DC Sliding G-DC200M, G-DC-MOTO-KIT, G-RANGER RGA-222, GBD-K007, MEKA 12BL, MEKA 230BL, RC-CST02, RC-CST04, RC04R2, FEBOLIFA, FOTO30SDE, Guard Tour system Guard Petro GC-01, GC-02, GC-03, GC-50, GA-01, GA-02, GA-12,
Alarm System :C&K Alarm Model 236, 236i, 238, Radion Alarm RZ868, RZ383, DFA5300, DFA3400, Satel – CA-6 and CA-10, SUPA 8, SUPA Genius, IDS 800, Linear Wireless Alarm, SATEL CA-5, CA-6, CA-10, CA-64, INTEGRA 32, INTEGRA 128, NAPCO XP400, XP600, GEM-P801, GEM-P816, GEM-P1632, GEM-P1664, GEM-P3200, GEM-P9600, GEM-X255, GEM-P3200, GEM-P9600, GEM-X255, MA-1000e, MA-1008e, MA-3000e, Photo beam NR-30TD/NR-60TD/NR-90TD, NR-60QS/NR-110QS/NR-160QS, NR-120QM/NR-200QM, NR-BP-1/NR-BP-3, NR-PC1A/NR-PC3A, Motion Sensor IQ VISION, PIR1510, PIR1680, M7100STE, M9000E, C101STLRE, C100 Safari , GSM Module GSM 4, Push Bar 250, Accessories AC-DS4, AC-DS4H, AC-EB, AC-EB5, AC-HD01, AC-TB01, AC-H002, DF Alarm Digital Frontier Model: DFA3300, DFA3400, DFA5300 Voice Alarm, DFA5300GSM, Paradox Alarm: PARADOX ESPRIT, PARADOX SPECTRA / PARADOX SP, Spectra SP Series, TEXECOM alarm system Model: Premier 816, Bluguard L1600, Bluguard L900, Bluguard L900v, DF 3300 Alarm , DF 5300, Honeywell Dualtec Motion Sensor, Aleph Photobeam, Aleph AL-40 PIR, Atsumi Photobeam
CCTV system : IP Camera VN-C625U, VN-C655U, VN-C205U, IRC-391A1, IRC-390A1, IRC-331A1, GH-615V3, IRC-3300S1-HL80 , VisionTec VS-DVR H04RD, VS-DVR_H08RP, VS-DVR_H16RP, DVR M-6016, DVR RT-8016HD, VS-116VGA, VS-316VGA, VS-308VGA, VS-304VGA. VS-3104VGA, VS-3108VGA & VS-3116VGA, AVH306 NVR
Card Access systems:Standalone Door Access Control System, XP- SR40, XP –SK32, XP-SR 800K, XP _SR 200K, Rosslare AC-115, AC-215, AS-215 MI, AC-225, AC-525, AY-K12, REL-AY-C12, REL-AY-M12, REL-AY-Z12, AY-D19M, AY-F64, AY-F66, AY-M25, AYW-6350, Drop Bolt, L-IDG1080S, L-IDG1081S, L-IDG1082S, L-IDG1083S, L-IDG1090, L-IDG2081EJ (safe), L-IDG2081EJ (secure), L-IDG2082GL, L-IDG2086GL, L-IDG3000, L-IDG4000, L-IDG-PL5019, L-IDG-PL6029, Electro Magnetic Lock L-DSN140, L-EBEL300S, L-EBEL600D, L-EBEL600-LED, L-EBEL600S, L-EBEL1200S, L-E-MOTICE600, L-ESAX350S, L-ESAX600L, L-ESAX600S, L-ST01, L-IDG-600S, Magnetic Door Holder, Finger Print AYC-W6500, IDG-FG200P, V2000-C
We are one of the most trustworthy,  reliable alarm, cctv, access system and autogate company or installer cum supplier in JB (johor Bahru)
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for vehicle barrier gate system with good spare part, repairing and waranty support. Barrier gate can be integrated with car parking access control system or car park ticketing systemBoom barrier arm will be lifted up to grant access upon verification from controlsystem