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Descriptions : 8-zones Alarm Control Panel for residential applications 
Model : C8
8 Monitoring Zones :
Support NO and EOL type of sensors
Individually programmable zone’s function and sensitivity

Support 7 different zone functions : Entry / Exit, Internal Delay (follower), internal, Burglary, Silent, and Force Arming
System codes:
1 Master access code
8 user access code (The 8th user code can be used as Duress code)

Support up to 4LED keypad apart by a maximun distance of 150m
Arming modes     
Single key fast arming (Stay armed and Away armed)
Remote arming / disarming via phone

3 emergency keys on keypad   
Fire Medical and panic
2 high current outputs : 1 for siren and another for optional used
Support Ademco Contact ID Standard for CMS reporting

2 CMS phone number and 2 CMS account ID with backup reporting or double reporting
System Event Dial-up
Support 4 user phone numbers for personal reporting on system event
Support DTMF and pulse dialling
Audio tone reporting via phone on system event

Smoke Detector Reset Reset power supply (PGM) on OFF siren
Main board AC power supply :    
AC 16.5 V, 50hZ, 3A
100mA mainboard current consumption
12V rechargeable lead acid battery

Battery cut-off voltage     
Battery charging current 600mA
Siren output & PGM output current-carrying capacity  2.5A
Output + KPD current-carrying capacity 1.5A
Keypad current consumption 100mA

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