Sliding SL3000 & SL 2500

RAN-GER Sliding Gate System MODEL :

SL-2500 (Oil bath – heavy duty) , SL-3000 (Grease) & SL-3000 (Oil)

RAN-GER SL series sliding automatic gate system is a AC sliding gate operator system package is specifically design to handle residential capacity with ease. They are NOT a new autogate system the just emerged recently. It has been installed all over Malaysia with proven satisfied customer for more than 15 years. It is well known as trouble free and reliable sliding autogate system in Malaysia market.

Key Features

  • SL-2500 (oil) ( Up to 2000kg Gate)
  • SL-3000 (grease) ( Up to 800kg Gate)
  • SL-3000 (oil) ( Up to 1200kg Gate)

More Specification

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