The Aleph America AL-40 PIR Intrusion Detector

Key Features

  • QMA – Qualified Motion Analysis
  • Rock Solid RFI Immunity
  • Dual Slope Temperature Compensation
  • Current Consumption 4mA
  • 100lbs Pet Immunity Lens (optional)


The Aleph America AL-40 PIR Intrusion Detector provides high quality security at an outstanding value. PIR devices can detect a person moving into or through a detection zone with high reliability. The slightest positive or negative thermal radiation change in contrast to a background triggers the sensor element. There is no interference between neighboring units due to the passive nature of the detection principle. The use of differential or dual-channel sensor technology and advanced digital signal processing reduce false alarms caused by turbulence. Similarly, precision optics accurately define the field of view, allowing consistent and long-range coverage. The PIR Intrusion Detector features Qualified Motion Analysis (QMA), digital operating system, dual slope temperature compensation and rock-solid RFI immunity. The detector also features multi-function LED with ambient temperature detection and self dimming LED. Optional 100 lb Animal Immunity lens included.

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