Samsung Techwin SDC415PD Day/Night Camera


* 1/3 High Resolution Day & Night Color camera
* 1/3 Sony Super HAD color CCD
* Ultra High Resolution of 530TV lines
* 24/7 surveillance with Day & Night capability
* Removed noise, ghosting effect with SSNR
* 0.3 Lux (color) / 0.002 Lux (Sens-up mode)
* White Balance : ATW / AWC / Manual selectable (Color Temperature 1800K~10,500K)
* Privacy image masking with free position
* Motion Detection
* OSD (On Screen Display)
* S/N ratio of 50dB
* Voltage selectable : 24VAC / 12VDC Loop-through composite video, Y/C (S-video) and audio inputs

You may consider CCTV an important part of your security armoury but quite often budgetary restrictions result in a compromise on the quality of the cameras used. This has particularly been the case with Day/Night cameras when they are regarded as an ideal solution for applications where lighting levels are low or variable, yet have not always been looked at as an option because of its prohibitively high cost. The new SDC-415 high resolution Day/Night camera realizes genuine cost effectiveness with absolutely no compromise on quality. High resolution color images during the day and equally high quality images at night, intelligent motion detection, privacy masking and on-screen display for easy set are all supplied as standard with the SDC-415. And unique to Samsung Techwin, the camera incorporates SSNR our super noise reduction technology.
SSNR (Samsung Super Noise Reduction)

Day & Night
The SDC-415 ensures high resolution color images down to an 0.3Lux @ F1.2 in daytime and when light levels fall even to a certain level the camera automatically switches to monochrome mode. Especially the unit boasts outstanding sensitivity of as low as 0.002Lux for excellent low light operations in color using Sens-up function(max. 128X).

When lighting levels are low, SSNR dramatically reduces both random and fixed noise and at the same time produces a high signal to noise ratio and no ghost effect. In simple terms the result is clear sharp images, even in the most severe lighting conditions. The absence of any “ghost” effect, that is normally quite common in low light conditions, offers a higher level of identification – a big plus where, for example, there is a requirement to recognize number plates. An additional benefit of this technology is the reduced file size of recorded images. A DVR’s recorded file size is reduced by a massive 70% when using a MPEG format and by 40% when using a JPEG format.

The SDC-415 is packed full of professional CCTV technologies. Advanced Samsung optics, a high performance CCD image sensor and WIII, a newly developed high performance DSP chip combine to deliver high resolution of 530TV lines translating into sharp, clear images. It enables to see clearly in the dark, which is perfect for low light circumstances.