Reset AVTech 760

Hardware Reset Guide for AVC 760 and AVC 761 Security DVRs

By performing a hardware reset, the security DVR will revert back to its factory default state. Rarely that is needed, however when certain situations arise, it would be a big relieve that a hardware reset is possible on the security DVR. Hardware reset is usually needed when settings have been mistakenly configured, or when certain functions are not operating correctly.

Step 1: Turn off the power on the security DVR and remove the cover.

Step 2: Locate the reset point. Essentially, there are 2 circuit boards mounted on the base of the DVR. One is relatively big compare to the other one. The reset point is located near the connection between the two board.

Step 3: Short the circuit by connecting the 2 pins. While doing that, plug in the power (at the back of the security DVR). You’ll need to maintain the short circuit for about 10 seconds after the power has been plug in.

Your Security DVR is now reverted back to factory default state.