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Doormex autogate system is an incredible security system that allows you to have peace of mind.

Doormex Autogate system is very reliable because it is made of high quality materials. These materials last for long, they are very durable to enhance your permises security. They are rust proof, can resist corrosion and withstand extreme temperatures. Moreover, they are designed under the more than 25 years experiences manufacturing technologies.

Having a Doormex autogate system in a commercial or residential property is beneficial. Similarly, autogate system providers come in handy in the modern market. Therefore, ensure to choose the best system provider and get a high quality automatic gate system for enhanced protection. .

Descriptions : CELMAR / DOORMEX SWING DC Motor AUTOGATE SYSTEM for residential applications
AU. Patent No. : 655711, Mal Patent no. : MY 108093-A
Model : CM-1
Operating Voltage   
DC 24V
Output Power   120W / Motor
Max. Weight of Gate         
400kg / Leaf
Rotary Speed      7 sec. / 90 degree
Transmission Type  
Rotary lever
Dual Speed Yes
Back-up Battery  Optional
Safety Device
Mechanical clutch
IR Safety Beam
Safety Limit Timer   
Auto Close Timer NA
Automatic Lighting Control 
Yes, including photo sensor control
Remote Controller  
2 channel UHF PWM
Electric Lock